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DeWalt cordless tools

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I have seen DeWalt cordless tools for sale at Home Depot, and I've seen them for sale in Sams Club. I've seen them for sale refurbished in a few "outlet" stores.

Compared to Ryobi, the DeWalt tools are much more expensive, with even a small set of cordless tools going for around $600.

So, what's up with DeWalt Tools? Is it a quality brand, or is it becoming another mass-retailer of tools like Black and Decker?
Dewalt tools is owned by Black and Decker. At least the last time I checked. But in the corporate world anything can happen. The dewalt line is in the higher end of power tools. There are tools much more expensive too. For example Festool tools are about the MOST expensive portable power tools I have ever seen. Each tool comes with an optional case that fits into an optional case rack that resembles a sterio rack. The case is the drawer that is removable to take with you. The circular saw costs about $500.00! That does include the In Systainer 4 case though.
Therer is a 6" sander called the Rotex, it's random orbit with removable handle and the In Systainer case that costs $425.00.


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