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Exterior door, odd fit

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My house has a huge back "porch", or sunroom, or whatever you want to call it, off my kitchen, leading out to our deck. We have changed it into our bedroom, and the windows and door need some work.
The door is currently only a metal storm/screen door, badly fitted.
I would like to install an actual exterior door, however, where the door has to go is a really odd shape. It is the standard 30 inches wide, however one side is 76 inches tall and the other isde is 78 inches. I am assuming I could plane a wooden exterior door to size easier than dealing with metal. Is there any way I can re size an exterior door without having it custom made by someone else and costing a fortune? Am I going to have to go with wood only, or will it be possible to use one of the ones that are wood inside metal layer outside?
First I would like to say sorry for taking so long to reply I didn't see the new question with the move and all.

Now the answer... I would get a new door (your choice of manufactures) and have it sized down to the smaller dimension. First figure out the maximum opening you have in the framing. That would be the height of the door frame that needs to fit into the opening. Then just square off the top with some trim. You may need to get creative but it would look better and would seal better if the door was square. You CAN get a steel stanley exterior door; just have them cut it to the correct height.
Remember if you want to put a storm door on, it too will have to be cut to the correct height.


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