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Water Softeners

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Tell me about water softeners. My new place has hard water and my hair started to turn orange! So I now use boxed water softener when I wash my hair, run the diswasher and wash clothes. I figure I will eventually get a softener installed but know nothing. The water heater and furnace are in an inside closet which shares a wall with the garage. So I guess I'd have to put the unit in the garage. Don't know anything about sizes, etc. Any info would be appreciated before I call "hey Culligan man!" (Actually, I plan on using a local plumbing outfit).
You would need to get the water tested to see what exactly is needed. There are numerous types of different size and capacities. The local plumber will be able to show you info about the ones his supply house carries. If you want a different model or type then search around. The Home depot carries GE SmartWater Systems and they offer installation too!


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