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removing old vinyl flooring?

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Hi Guru!

How do you get up old vinyl floors? Many of the houses we're looking at have really hideous vinyl floorings, that would need to go bye bye. You never know what you're going to find underneath all the layers. and there's no good way I can think of to pinpoint when the floorings were put down, or how old they might be. I know that some of the older types of "vinyl" had asbestos in them, which makes them unsafe to cut. So in keeping with "better safe than sorry"- what is the appropriate method for getting rid of this flooring?

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Well you can use a hair drier to soften up the glue sometimes and then slowly lift the tile and peel it off. Or just use a stiff putty knife and scrape under the tile. Or you could leave all of it and cover it with plywood and then do something else on top. Or maybe if the floor is sound go over it with pergo flooring.

Asbestos isn't dangerous unless you make dust out of it by sanding it. If you just chip a tile there is no dust so it is relatively safe. I would take a piece to a flooring company and let them look at it to see if it IS asbestos or not.
Thanks Guru! That's really helpful! I'm hoping that there is hardwood that can be refinished under all of those really ugly vinyl floors!

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