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Which brand of windows should I use?

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I am having a hard time deciding on which brand of window to use. I want double hung, double insulated, argon, low-e glass. All brands offer this.
I have looked at:
Andersen Windows,
Marvin Winows,
Pella windows,
Harvey Windows,
Yes even Newpro Windows.

Please help!
Most windows are sort of the same regarding the glass, coatings (low-e) gas filled (argon).
Now you would need to choose based on the design you want to fit your particular application. Do you want built in grids or removable grids on the inside, or true devided lites (seperate panes devided by wood mullions)
There is standard sizing v. custom sizing. The latter being much more expensive, so look into the particular size you need and see who offers it as standard.
There is exterior cladding with 3 choices. Vinyl clad, aluminum clad, or wood which needs to be painted but could then match your house trim.
have fun!


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