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Hi Guru!

Well, looks like we may have found a property. Only major issue is that there is no bathtub- a major problem for me, as I'm addicted to baths.

Anyhow- the shower enclosure in the bathroom is a fiberglass rectangle and it is HUUUUGGGEEE. I'm sure it is big enough to put a fiberglass tub inside it...

The question is- is this a feasible idea? My BIL can hook up the plumbing for us- I'm just curious if you can put a tub inside a shower enclosure?

Karen Smile
Well if you can figure out a way to seal the edges of the tub and line up the drain properly....
The best way would be to remove the existing shower and put in a new fiberglass shower with a tub built in!

I'm sure there must be one by Lasco, American Standard, or Jacuzzi. Check into it.
Thanks Guru! We'll keep that in mind!

Karen Smile


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