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need help- kitchen cabinets and a tight budget

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Hi Guru!

The kitchen in the house we're (hopefully) buying has almost NO cabinets! The only cabinet is the one housing the kitchen sink (and even that one is ugly!) while there is a butlers pantry, which can help with the storage- I NEED to get kitchen cabinets and countertop in there in order to have a functional kitchen space. I'm a big cook, so not using the kitchen isn't really on option.

My biggest hurdle is the budget! We don't have a lot of $ saved up and there are several other projects which need to happen before winter comes (such as building a garage).

Can you please suggest some budget friendly tips for cabinets and countertops? Are ready to assemble cabinets a good option? I'm pretty good at putting things together, as long as there are nominal instructions...

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Karen Smile
One option to try, and might be a long shot but who knows, is to try any government or military bases near you. The installation that I work at has a recycling program where anything that has value is either auctioned off or put out to bid. It seems like there are always really nice cabinets up for bid here. (Someone's always redecorating, your tax dollars at work!) You never know what you might luck into. Just check the yellow pages for the number of the operator at the installation and then ask for the recycling program.

But wait, my esp is telling me something, I see many plastic storage bins in your future. Laughing
Home Depot has those put together cabinets and post formed countertops. I have used them on tight budget projects and they are not bad at all! It took me about half a day to assemble enough for a small kitchen. After 2 or 3 you become an expert and don't even need the directions anymore.
The post form countertop is about the least expensive. It's the one with the one piece including the back splash with a slight hump at the front edge. Comes in a bunch of colors and if it can be taken right off the rack is real inexpensive. If a cut piece is ordered it is slightly more per square foot.
There is a place in california that sells pre cut granite 3/4" thick, 25 1/2" deep, 96" long with bullnose edging on all 3 sides (left-right-front) for $69.00 each! 20 different colors and they ship nationwide. If you are interested let me know and I'll look it up!
Bless your heart Guru- that would be wonderful! Please do let me know the name of the company- it would be perfect- 69$ each for 8 feet of countertop?! And granite no less- I thought that would be totally out of my reach!

Luckily for me, my dad works at a locally owned home repair store- a MN version of home depot. If they have RTA cabinets, I can use his discount!!!

I might be able to put this kitchen together yet! Happy dance!!!!!

Karen Smile
The company is:

Jerong Products Inc
2460 Radley Ct.
Hayward CA 94545

Tel: 510-782-2888

Thanks Guru! I've put in a request ofr their catalog!

Karen Smile


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