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I had registered the other day, and posted a question. I received a reply from the Guru, but now I can't seem to locate my question OR the reply! I also had to re-register. Please send me the name of that wonderful woodshop in Key Largo Florida where I can find a multitude of native and exotic woods to purchase for my projects. Thanks again! Laughing
Thank you so much for re-registering!!

We have just moved this site to a new webserver, and about a week later the webserver crashed and we lost just a few hours of posts and one user. Guess who the unlucky user was? Sorry.

I also can't recall the name of the place TheGuru mentioned (I think it was in Key Largo?), but I'm sure he will reply again when next he logs in.

Thanks again for being so patient!

Sorry for the confusion.... It is Woodshop 102. In key largo at the mile marker 102.

Ron, you MUST have driven right past them on your key west trip!!

They WILL have whatever you are looking for. Like exotic flooring or just boards or even logs. I think they even make furniture too!
Check them out!
Dear Guru,

Thank you so much for re-sending me the information about Woodshop 102 in Key largo, Florida. I plan to go to the Keys for the July 4th weekend, and will stop in there to see what they have. I'll let you know what treasures in wood I find there! Laughing
PS to Ron: Thanks for the reply, also. Glad the server is working OK now!
Awesome! keep us posted!!


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