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Hi Guru,

Just wondering what's involved with reburbishing a lawn mower? (not sure if that's the terminology used) I was recently given a top of the line Toro lawn mower by an old fellow my son works for. Lucky guy bought himself a ride on one and just wanted a home for his neglected previous lawnmower..yeah I was the lucky recipient!

He says it's great but has been sitting for a year since he purchased his new one but needs to be reburbished..or whatever the word was. So my question is what's involved as I'd like to try to do this myself. Should I tip it over and empty the gas and oil as it's probably old. Sparkplugs? where would they be located and should I change them. Carb..how do you clean one? Anything else I should know?

I would take it in somewhere but can't lift the thing..its darn heavy!

Thanks in advance
I think you mean refurbished…

There should be only one spark plug. There will be a heavy wire snapped on to the top of it. Most plugs require a 5/8" or 13/16" spark plug socket to remove them.

First, I would try and change the oil. There should be a plug on the bottom of the mower engine but on top of the blade deck. Let the old oil drain then fill it through where the dipstick is. Check the level often while filling since you don’t know exactly how much to put in.

After the oil draining but before refilling dump the old gas and put in fresh gas and see if it will start!!! It may take some extra pulls but if it DOES start your good to go!

Maybe you could get the owners manual by looking for a plate somewhere that says the model #, then go to the Toro lawn mower website and see if you can find and then download the manual! That would be great. It will tell you where and how to do everything.
Hi Guru,

That helps a lot thanks so much for all your suggestions.

Yikes!! I meant refurbishing too..stupid typos. Embarassed

Marianne and the boys
Glad I could help!


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