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How do I skim coat over horsehair plaster?

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My house has horsehair plaster walls. There are some cracks and small holes in the walls. What is the best way to get the walls smooth and ready for painting? Can I use a patching compound like Once-n-done or Fast-n-Final or MH Patch?
Put screws in with plaster washers and tape the cracks and holes where necessary and then apply a skim coat (1/16) of plaster over all the walls. This would be the same plaster used to skim coat new construction blue board. But first you must use a bonding agent such as Plaster-Weld. There are many such products as this. Most are pva glue mixed with water for the most part. This allows the new plaster to adhere to the old. There is a window of time that you must obey also or the bonding agent will not work properly
i have been a plasterer for 29 years and come from a family of plasteres . the best way to reskim old walls is durabond or drywall mud.
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