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How do I get rid of moisture on the inside of my windows?

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As the weather gets cooler, I notice condensation on my windows. - They are double pane. Condensation is not between the glass, but on the inside of my house. What can I do about this?
Your house air is a bit humid, but some humidity is good. If the condensation is not excessive, and you do not need to wipe off the sills once or so a day, forget it, it will go away in the afternoon and may stop altogether when the air dries out in the house. If it persists, you can open windows twice a day for 10 minutes or so, for the water vapor to escape. You will not lose very much heat this way. I get moisture on my windows quite often, but I ignore it as long as it itís not excessive. You could run a dehumidifier to get rid of some of the excess humidity. Check your laundry. The drier vent might not be working properly and the clothes moisture could be staying in the house instead of going out the vent pipe.


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