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What is the best stain killer primer

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I have a water stain on the ceiling and need to prime over it with one of those stain killer primers. Which is the best one? is Kilz a good stain killer? How about BIN to kill the stain? Is Zinzer a good stain killer?
I have used Kilz and Bin(s?) and a few others. They are generally good.
But if you want something really great, try Gripper. I have gotten it at
home depot - it may be their brand, I don't recall. I don't know what kind
of ceiling you might have, but if you plan to paint it after priming, try
Gripper. I have used it on many different things, and for my money, you
really can't beat it. I think it does come in latex and oil base both. It
may not be right for your project, but you will be able to tell if you can
go read the can at the home store. Great stuff!

Kilz AND Bin are good stain killer primers. There are different kinds of stainkillers for different applications. For example...
Kilz comes in 4 different types, Kilz original which is oil based, Kilz General purpose which is latex, Kilz premium which is a higher hiding latex and Kilz Low VOC which has very little smell when applying.
Bin has a few also. BIN is shalac based and is awesome for putting over knots to stop the bleed through. Bulls Eye 123 is latex based with a mildew inhibitor.

I have never tried of Gripper. I will read the can next time I am at the Depot and see if I can use it in the near future!


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