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Should I repair a crack in the foundation?

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Hello, I have a hairline crack in my foundation which goes straight through to the outside? Do I need to have someone take a look at this or is this normal settling? This is on a 3 year old house.
A foundation crack is normal from settling. If it does not leak water, ignore it. You might want to fill it from the outside above grade, to keep the cold out. To fill it, you have to enlarge it and insert hydraulic cement.
I would like to weigh in on the possible repairing of a foundation crack that leaks.

Full disclosure, I work for a manufacturer of a repair product that is used to stop foundation crack leaks. Second, this product only works if your basement is made of poured concrete, not block or stone foundations.

Okay, if the crack is less than 1/4", it can be assumed that it is not structural and you can either have someone fix it or you can fix it yourself.

We make a product that fills the basement crack entirely and expands inside the crack. This will stop water from reentering the crack and getting your basement wet.

The best part is that all of the work is done from the inside.

You can learn more and view a view a video here;


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