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Hi Guru!

Do you have any idea what it costs to get asbestos wrapped pipes encapsulated? I have a few pipes in the basement that are wrapped in asbestos- not surprising, considering that the house is from 1880. The wrapping looks like it is in good condition, with no material leaking. I'm certainly not about to touch it or mess with it in any way myself. So it is not an emergency thing, but I'm wondering what I should look at as far as expense. Is it going to be in the neighborhood of a couple hundred, or more like a couple of thousand? There are maybe four pipes involved, not more than 8 feet each in length.

Any info would be great!

Karen Smile
You could go to a plumbing supply in your area and purchase the encapsulating material and install it yourself. If the asbestos insulation is not damaged there should be no risk. It is not too expensive. I have used one type in the past. It was like a plaster cast that you dipped in water then applied around the pipe. It hardened like a cast. There are others that are like aluminum foil that just goes around and then is taped with metal tape. Home Depot may or may not have this product.

Call some asbestos abatement companys and get a few estimates if you don't want to do it yourself. Remember that they will try to sell you the removal if they can.
Thanks Guru- I'm fine with the encapsulation part, it doesn't need to be removed as long as it is all sealed up. I'm just not sure I want to monkey around with carcinogenic materials myself. I'll call a few companies in my area, and see if I can get a few estimates.

Karen Smile
Good idea. Make sure they are liscensed and have insurance too!
keep us all posted!
The definition of Asbestos Abatement is removal, encapsulation, or enclosure. If the pipe wrap is in good condition leave it alone. For aircell (the cardboard looking pipe insulation) the ends need a layer of dip lag or during the heating and cooling (expansion and contraction) fluctuations of the pipe fibers are released. most contractors will get $1,200 to $1,800 for routine containments if the 4 sets of 8 foot long pipes are in one small room then the cost should be no more than $2,000 with air clearance testing by a licensed asbestos project monitoring consultant. For more answers to questions look to your states department of health as most have sites devoted to asbestos in homes and a list of licensed contractors (provided your state requires a license).


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