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Peerless single lever on strike?

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I just purchased property and in checking the water supplies and faucets, discovered the Peerless single lever in the kitchen will not disperse hot water. It will take the chill off the cold when moved to the hot position but will not get hot, although there is hot water everywhere else on the property. Could I be correct in assuming the valve body is not allowing the hot water through? Would that be the best place to start checking?
Your right, it probebly is the cartridge that needs to be replaced, or maybe just taken apart and cleaned and lubed.

I would check to see if there is hot water coming to the faucet from under the sink. If the connections are the braided ones, turn off the shutoff and then disconnect the hot from the faucet. Put the end in a bucket and turn on the shutoff. This will eliminate all, except the valve body or cartridge on the faucet.


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