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"Cutting in"

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I plan on painting the partition that divides the dining room and kitchen. It's about 4 feet high and 5 feet long. I've already done the trim (in a semi-gloss and I did a mighty fine job). I know I'm supposed to "cut in" about 2 inches top and bottom. Should I do all the cutting in at the same time, then paint the partition wall, or do some cutting in, paint the wall, cut in, paint the rest?
If you are using eggshell paint or flat paint, then cut in all first, let it dry for a while, so the roller doesn't 'pull' the paint off the wall, then roll it all. If you are using semi or high gloss then you would keep the cut in wet while rolling to avoid the flash line you get at the overlap. High gloss is the worst so you could prob. get away with satin or semi. If you let the cut in dry and then roll as close as you can get (sidewards) to the top and bottom then the 'line' won't show hardly at all.

I try to never paint glossy paint on a smooth wall as it makes all wall defects show up the worst. Flat makes most defects except for the bigger ones, go away. But there is a tradeoff, flat paint is harder to wash but can be touched up the easiest. any other sheen is washable but is very hard to touch up later without seeing the sheen difference.
Life is unfair.....
Darn good advice. I would like to add- if you have a helper, one of you can cut-in, while the other rolls or brushes.


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