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New tiling job - loose tiles

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Okay Guru, this one's for the big money.

I laid the new glass mosaic tiles on Monday and some of them have come up. I haven't grouted yet.

They were paper-faced tiles and they came up when I was removing the paper and walking across them afterwards. Since I removed the remainder of the glue this morning, walking across them isn't a problem.

The question is, what's the best way to reset them?
I would use the same adhesive or thinset or mastic that you used in the first place. Scrape out as much as you can where the tile was, then put some adhesive on the tile itself. This is called buttering. Then just set the tile. It should be OK then. Do a test fit after you clean out the spot to be sure which way it goes best and to make sure you scraped out enough.

Why do you think the became loose in the first place? Did you stress them by removing the paper back and glue too soon?
Who knows why they came loose, it's very frustrating. I did everything the way the bag of thinset & tile instructions said to do it.

The only hint I have is that the paper glue stuck to my feet and now it doesn't.

Now, how to scrape/chip out the thinset in a 1" space . . . I'm getting tired of the whole thing, LOL.
Use a small chisel or even a screwdriver. Tap gently with a small hammer! You have to remove enough so that the tile you are putting in will be flush with the others. You also have to take into account the thickness of the new thinset.
Well, that wasn't so bad. Sorta fun, ha ha ha. I used a screwdriver and just scraped down to the backerboard.

They'd better stick.

Remind me that glass is a pain in the butt to work with, even if it does look cool.
Now all that's left is the grout!!!!
I refuse to go back in there until Saturday! I figure the longer it has to cure, the better.

Too bad I left the radio on in there and it's at the other end of the room. Maybe the battery will wear out soon.
Grouting sucks! I'm using an epoxy-based grout and the instructions say it can leave a haze that can't be buffed out like regular grout, so I'm rinsing & rinsing & rinsing & rinsing ad nauseum. The working time is limited, of course, which makes it a pain in the butt/back/shoulders/hands/etc.

It does look awesome though!

Here's my stupid question of the day . . . I've done about a third of the way into the room on two walls and will be starting the middle and right side down to the door way. I think I can finish with the 2nd bucket of grout, but 'm going to have to walk on it to clean. Is this okay?

The timing of everything makes this a very scientific project!
I finished the grout Friday night and holy cow batgirl - it looks Spectacular!!!!!

And no more loose tiles.

Hold your horses . . . I should be getting the toilet & sink back in tomorrow night so I'll post pics after that.
WoW! ya'll got a lot done while I was away!! Lets see some pics when you finish and have the time!!


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