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reproducing a cabinet finish?

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Dear Guru,

I have found the most sublime cabinet finish. However, I cannot afford to purchase the cabinets from the company that makes them. I want to reproduce that finish on the unfinished oak cabinets we're going to put into our kitchen.

The finish is called "antique pewter" on the Kraftsmaid line at H.D. It looks to me like a light colored paint with a darker grey glaze applied over it. How do I go about reproducing that effect, and getting the colors right?


Karen Smile
Call Home Depot and ask them for the Phone number of the customer service department of Kraftmaid. Call and ask them for a quart of the stain /glaze used to make that particular color. Tell them you had a kitchen install by Home Depot and also had a cabinet made by a carpenter that needs to be finished.

They should be able to help you.

PS you prob will have to do some experimenting to get the color and finish the way you like. So try it out on some scraps first
Very clever!!! Thanks Guru! I'll give that a shot. Hope they don't ask for an order # or something... Cool

Karen Smile


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