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Gypsy moth catepillers

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Do you have any suggestions for controlling
gypsy catepillers/moths?

This year we have had our oak, pine and other trees
under attack by them. We tried the foil wrap around the
tree which did deter some.

Is there different treatments you should use at the
different stages of development?

Here is what I was told is the best way to deal with these pests...

Burlap bands are placed around tree trunks to provide refuge for gypsy moth larvae climbing up the trunk. During light-to-moderate infestations, the larvae feed on foliage in the canopy at night and descend the trunk in search of refuge at dawn. Larvae collected in the burlap bands can be destroyed by crushing or by submersion in soapy water.

Newly-hatched gypsy moth larvae disperse by releasing a silk thread that is caught by the wind, carrying the larvae to another tree or the ground. Sticky bands (composed of Vaseline® or TreeTanglefoot® applied to the sticky side of duct tape) placedaround the trunks of susceptible trees can prevent newly-hatched gypsy moth caterpillars from climbing the tree.


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