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Wax ring no longer waxy

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Hey Guru,

The new toilet's going in tomorrow and when I went to scrape off the old wax ring, I discovered that it's no longer waxy, it's as hard as a rock. I managed to chip/scrape away most of it, but there are a few stubborn chunks that won't budge. Since the flange is broken, I bought a super ring to install over it and I need to get the surface as flat as possible.

Any tips for removing this?
Use a stiff putty knife and gently tap with a light hammer. This should help remove the stuck pieces. You could also try a single edge razor blade and try to shave it off. Be careful not to shave some of your finger too!

That wax ring must be real old to get so brittle... What was the date stamp on the underside of the old toilet tank cover?
1954 . . . Rolling Eyes

The new Toto Drake is going in tomorrow. I'm so excited!

Is that good or bad that I'm excited about a toilet?
If you need to use it, then I would guess getting excited is a good thing!

I just had a party at my house and the toilet seat got broken. I just installed a pnumatic toilet seat that lowers itself slowly after use! Now everyone goes and plays with it! Very Happy
It's made by Bemis.


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