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newel post lamps

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Hi Guru!

I would really like to install a newel post lamp in my house. I haven't purchased one yet, so I might end up buying an antique, which with what I can afford, will probably need to be rewired. How do I install something like this? Can you give me any advice for rewiring an antique light fixture? thanks for the help!

Karen Smile
You would have to come up with some sort of bracket that would hold the newel post from wobbling. You may be able to use a threaded rod down the middle and bolt it from above or even below the floor. You would have to look at the post and see where the wire channel is to make the decision.

As far as re-wiring... just replace the old wire with new. You could even take it to Home Depot and ask the electrical guy what type of wire he reccomends! You might want to replace the actual socket too. They are only a few dollars and since it's all apart anyway.... If there is a switch on the socket remember to buy one similar unless you plan to have a switch on the wall somewhere.


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