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Ok- this is sort of a door and windows question...

Is there a way to repair window and doors screens that have significant holes in them? Several of my window screens, and at least one of my screen doors have large holes (and a few small ones too) in the screening. We'll start replacing some of the really old and yucky windows next year. For now though, I'd like to be able to open my windows without inviting in every bee, wasp, fly and other assorted insect that happens to be lurking outside...

Help Guru!

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Well as a temporary patch you could put a screen 'patch" over the hole and use a thread and needle to kind of sew it on.
Or you could buy screen patches they sell at the local home center that are a screen with bent edges that you poke through your screen and then fold over.
Or you could buy a roll of screening and replace the entire screen. There is either a wood strip over the edg of the screen that you would pry off carefully and then remove the staples that hold the screen. Then replace the screen and re-install the wood strips... OR there is a rubber gasket that is stuffed into a groove that goes around the edge. you would carefully pull out the gasket, then remove the screening, then lay new screen over the groove, then press it in with a screen tool (looks like a pizza cutter). Then use a razor knife to trim away the extra.
I think I'll be doing a combo of patching and rescreening, depending on which screens I'm dealing with and how bad the holes are. Thanks Guru!

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