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Small holes in drywall--do I need to fill?

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In prep for painting the powder room, I took off the towel bar and am not replacing it. There are 2 holes left by the toggle bolts, maybe each about 1/2". Do I need to fill in the holes (in addition to spackling) and if so, with what? Do I need to prime the spackle or can I just paint over it?
Fellow Bathroom Girl,

I would only use the spackle. I've never primed it before painting and haven't had any problems.

Did I tell you that Leslie & I cut through the living room wall when we took out this piece of 2x4 in the bathroom?!?! It was pretty funny, even when we did it! Naturally, I spackled it.

First push the edges of the hole in so the paper edges are slightly below the surface. That way they wont stick out during the spackeling process. Try to just back fill the hole first to give the next coat something to go up against. That way it shouldent sag too much.

I would PRIME first. You could get what is called flashing if you don't. Flashing is a shiny spot or a dull spot right where the patch is.
Guess I should get some primer!
Primer for me too. I did spackle and sand. Bathroom girl, I was wrong about the paint color. It's Pittsburgh Paint Green Grape. I did 2 walls this weekend (the 2 hardest) and it's green. The green is reflecting off the remaining white walls and toilet. Rather bilious. But pretty!
Bilious, but pretty . . . interesting! Laughing

My bathroom is wallpapered! It took 15 hours on Saturday. It's very Florida in there now. (You'll see when I finally post pics this weekend.) The cabinets & medicine cabinet are going up Thursday and then I think it's done.

The next project is Sheepiefest.

I'm gonna go look up Pittsburgh Green Grape now.
OK Now that everybody is an expert at doing over bathrooms.... Time to start the KITCHEN!!!!! lol Twisted Evil There should be LOTS of questions there. Very Happy
Already did the kitchen - new linoleum in a plaid sort of pattern, new formica with a chrome edge . . . pulled off the crappy laminate from the cabinets . . . new sink & disposal . . .

Any other ideas, LOL?!?!
Oohhh yeah! Come over to MN and HELP ME!!!! Laughing Sigh... I've got quite a road ahead of me!

Karen Smile


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