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Priming for wallpaper

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I was going to wallpaper on Saturday and I'm reading on the can of Shieldz Wallpaper Primer that plaster should cure 90 days before applying the primer.

Naturally, I used a bit of plaster to fill a couple holes - maybe 1/4" deep - one is 2" x 3" and the other is 3-1/2" round. After I used the plaster on Monday, I filled in the low spots with Spackle on Tuesday.

Am I pushing the envelope by wanting to use the wallpaper primer on Friday?

The correct answer is "no", but I'm afraid you're going to vote "yes". . . Rolling Eyes

You are correct, SIR! (even though you are a girl). You'll be fine wallpapering over the plaster. They were such little holes. (Of course, I've never wallpapered over plaster.) Even if the wallpaper doesn't stick to the little spots of plaster, you can eventually cut a little x in the non-sticky part and smoosh glue behind the paper.

Looks like a bathroom kinda weekend. I'm starting to paint my powder room. "Green Grapes." Oh yes, it's green!
Well, now I'm curious about "green grapes". Who makes it so I can see what it looks like?!?!

Benjamin Moore. It's pretty intense, but the powder room is under the stairs so there is no natural light. I'm not painting the sloping part of the ceiling (the part that is actually under the stairs) so the white should balance out the green. Hey, if I don't like it, I can always repaint.
Correction. It's "Grape Green." I just looked at it on the B. Moore website and it's ugly. But the 2 x 2 swatch I painted is really pretty. I bought 4 of the sample jars of paints. I spent $16 on samples--could have bought a gallon for almost that!
I like it! It's exactly what I would pick out these days.

Hmmm....I have a small hallway that I've been wanting to paint and I was thinking of a violet gray for the living room... green grape would look really cool against that. Wait, that's another project altogether!

We'll swap pictures when we're both done with our bathrooms!
You can paper over the spackled areas with no problem as long as the spackle is dry. I would give it at least 30 days or so.... Only kidding Wink overnight should be fine!!!


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