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ceiling texture?

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Hi guru!

Well, we closed on the house finally! I have a question regarding ceiling textures... The butlers pantry ceiling was replaced with drywall last year (the nice owners before us left the invoice for the work!) and it looks great... except for the yucky swirly texture that they applied to the ceiling... Is there any way for me to remove the texture without wrecking the drywall itself?

Karen Smile
If the texture is not too heavy, you can just skim over it! Take a 8" taping knife and using joint compound, go over the whole ceiling. You will have to do it twice to cover the sand texture. Just put it on to cover completley, and then holding the knife at about a 45 degree angle, scrape it off completely, as you go. Do small sections at a time, say 2 or 3 feet square. Then move on to the next section. let it all dry then do the second coat. When it's all dry you'll have to sand it smooth so remember this as you are laying on the joint compound!

PS. if it is a popcorn ceiling (the sprayed on type) it will be made out of styrofoam balls and you should scrape it off first. You can tell because the little texture pieces are soft and squishy.


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