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unistalling a space heater

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Hi Guru!

My kitchen has an absolutely ghastly space heater, which has a metal pipe chimney (The pipe material looks like the metal that heating ducts are made of) that goes through the roof... I want it outta there! How in the world do I go about taking it out and patching up my poor roof? Or do I even want to remove the chimney thing? Should we seal it up and let it be? My hubby says it'll end up being a siphon for all the hot air in the winter... HELP!

Karen Smile
You need some plywood and some roof paper (tar paper) and some matching shingles or whatever you roof is roofed with.
Rip it all out, then pull out the existing flashing and surrounding shingles. Now you need to put some plywood in there to patch the hole. You could take a 1 x 4 piece of wood that is longer than the hole and put it through, holding it in the center. Then turn it so it is flat against the under side of the roof decking boards. Now screw some galvinized screws through the roof deck boards and into the 1 x 4 to hold it secure. Do this in 2 or 3 places with more 1 x 4 boards. Now cut a piece of plywood to fit the hole. Cover it up with roof paper, and shingle to match.
When done with the outside, you would need to purchase a small amount of insulation to fill in where the pipe was. Now patch the sheetrock and with a little mud, tape, and paint, you won't even be able to tell it was there!
PS> You cant really remove the heater and then not remove the stove. ALL your heat WILL just go up the pipe and out to heat the great outdoors!
Thanks Guru! One more task to add to the list...

Karen Smile
I would do it in the warmer weather and not in the middle of a snow storm in winter! You need to weave new shingles with the old up on the roof and they only like to bend when they are warm!
That shouldn't be a problem- we're starting kitchen reno this weekend, and that space heater is the spot where i want a cabinet! It is still plenty warm out here...

Karen Smile


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