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1 day tile job?

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I've read many places where you have to let the mortar set overnight when tiling...is this always the case? I'd like to retile my 5x8 half bath but I want to suprise the wife. I can give the job a full 12 hours--but this must include demo the olf tile and prep. Is it possible?
YES !! There is a fast setting thinset that takes only a few hours to cure.

Here is one manufacturer:
Fast Set Thinset is a Portland Cement dry set mortar formulated to produce a rapid set time when installing
ceramic, mosaic, pavers and quarry tiles. Fast Set will allow grouting within two to four hours and open to
traffic within six hours.

and another:
For installing ceramic, porcelain, quarry, marble, pavers and other natural stone tiles on floors and walls.
Super-Tek Products, Inc.
25-44 Borough Place
Woodside, NY 11377 USA
Telephone: (718) 278-7900

They both have the same time specs and will allow grouting after a few hours and traffic after 6 hours. Your local tile supply house should have something similar. Read the label carefully. Make sure you use the correct material on the floor under the tile. You also have to work quickly because the mixture will start to be unuseable in like 15-20 mins, so small batches are a must.


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