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frostfree sillcock leaks

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i install a frostfree sillcock, which is below the kitchen, so i tapped off the cold feed to the kitchen sink. but sometimes when the sink is turned on and off , water comes out of thetop of the sillcock(possibly the bleeder valve) even though the sillcock is turned off. im worried about the sillcock freezing even though it is a frostfree one. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
Anti-siphon sillcocks are SUPPOSED to leak when pressure is turned off (and released, like when you open a nozzle on the hose). Anti-Siphon attatchments (the cylinder on the top) are designed to prevent water from the hose from backing into the water supply, so that's why it drains out all the water from the sillcock. Now, if it leaks CONSTANTLY when water is ON and/or after the initial drainage when tap is turned off, you may wish to replace the anti-siphon devise ONLY!!! it just screws onto the top like a regular hose, you DO NOT need to replace the whole sillcock.

Hope this helps!


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