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Rip out old tile?

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When removing old floor tile to lay new, do you have any hints to help get through the removal part in a bit of a hurry? I've heard that you can install tile over old, but doesn't that put too much stress and weight on the floor itself?
You can install new floor tile over old... but... the old must be in perfect shape with no loose, cracked, or missing pieces. I always remove the old. It's not too hard, you can use a long metel floor tile remover that looks like a giant 4 foot long flat pry bar. The end is wide and sharp and bent at just the right angle so it slides under the tiles and 'pops' them out. the tool is heavy so it helps to get it under the tiles too.
ALSO... you can rent an electric version of this at your local tool rental. It has the same sharp wide blade on the end, but there is an electric motor that vibrates it under the tiles rather that having to slide it back and forth manually. This works great! Just make sure you don't dig into the wood sub flooring my accident!
Remember you need at least 1 1/4" thick subfloor under the tile. So 3/4" plywood with 1/2" durock concrete backer board is perfect!


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