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The Bathroom is Finished !

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There's still a couple things left to do, but I'm calling it done.

Here is before:

And here it is now...

I think I still want to hang one more cabinet above the toilet - a narrow horizontal model - but I'm still debating that.

Leslie (TylersMom) helped install the toilet and was the inspiration behind the cool color of the medicine cabinet! We also managed to saw through the living room wall while we were trying to get out a 50-yr-old board to enlarge the hole for the medicine cabinet. Whoops! Surprised

Jill (ButtersStotch) helped install the light fixture and we managed to tear the wallpaper. Another whoops!

I did the floor and the wallpapering myself. I actually ran out of wallpaper. The last strip was six inches short but I did find a piece in the scrap pile to finish up. I couldn't believe it when the word "Florida" came out perfectly centered above the tub. I did not plan that. The worst piece was to the left of the sink. It started 5" to the right of the wall switch for half the wall and then goes left for that 4" where the wall comes out then 18" wide from the bottom of the soffit to the floor and it's all one piece!! I rock!

I've got another shower curtain but I don't know where I put it and I'm thinking it might be too busy. It's clear with three or four large flamingos in the middle. Maybe just a plain curtain would work best.

The floor looks much better in person. The flash picks up the irridescence, but detracts from the whole thing in general.

The medicine cabinet paint is actually pearlized. Very very cool. I bought it off eBAY and after sanding the 2 coats of paint for hours, Leslie had the brilliant idea of taking it to an auto body shop! Voila! They sandblasted it, mixed up a custom color and did an awesome job. I rewired it and installed it myself.

All in all, I think it turned out great!
I love love love the floor! You did an outstanding job!
I also really like the new cabinets to the left of the sink, both
upper and lower. This has been quite the undertaking, and it
has turned out well. Do I remember you wanting to change the pink
tile? I can't remember where I read that. If it wasn't you- sorry! My
memory isn't nearly what I wish it was!
Fantastic job!

Thanks for posting the pictures! Now I know what all the questions were about!!
As they say here in New England, "Wicked Cool!"

I like the med cabinet. The color and look is perfect...

Keep up the good work
Thanks Guru! For your comments and all your help during this project!

I didn't want the medicine cabinet to look to unoriginal, but when I decided to have the auto body shop do the work I picked a color from the wallpaper and decided they'd do a good paint job and it would look original. It really does look awesome with a hint of the pearl finish showing when the lights hit it.

We rock!!!

WOW!!!! It looks just awesome!!!! I loooovvveee the floor- how gorgeous! I'm super impressed! Hats off- you did an awesome job!

Karen Smile


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