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finding a boiler schematic?

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Hi Guru!

I have a Teledyne Lars boiler (model JVT160), and we need a schematic and some other info for it. We are moving the register in the kitchen, and we need to figure out the water pumping speed and some other info so that we can correctly reinstall it to the boiler system... How do I get a hold of this?

Karen Smile
WoW! I searched everywhere and asked everyone.... There are so many different Teledyne Lars boilers, from real small to large enough (like 85 hp) to supply all the heat and hot water to a college dorm. I cannot find your model at all.

I would contact a plumbing supply in your area that was a dealer for these boilers. There may be someone there that knows either where the spec book is or even remembers the specs close enough for what you are doing. Take a few pictures with you and write down everything on all labels you can find.

let me know if you find out anything!! If not, I'll ask in a few supply houses 'round hear.
You're likely beyond this now, but; the JVT160 was just a standing-pilot 160,000 Btu boiler. It's no longer in production, because of the pilot light. Wiring is very simple. Flow rate requirements are in any boiler manual. Don't worry. Add a register.
I agree, James ...
You can also go to http://www.laars.com/ there is lots of diagrams and specs there... They also have a support area.


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