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decorative column wraps?

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I think this would be considered carpentry...

Is there such a thing as a decorative column WRAP? I have a big pipe sitting in the corner of my 1/2 bath, and I'd really like to put a column over it. I thought that'd I'd seen some sort of hollow column that was made to slip around porch posts and such... I'd prefer something that could be removed if for some reason a plumber felt the need to get to it, but is still relatively attractive. Does such a thing exist Oh Guru, and where would I find it?

Karen Smile
I have used this company from time to time. The wrap poles come in 2 pieces and have a trim on the top and bottom. One is attached and the other is loose so you could cut the wrap and then put the trim on.

Here is thier web addy... http://www.polyclassiccolumns.com/index.html

At the top of the page there is a link for interior columns for basements and lally columns.


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