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What is the correct way to dispose of old paint?

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I have several cans of used paint that I need to throw out. Some are latex and some are alkyd (oil)base. What is the easiest way to dispose?
Most towns say to open the can, let the paint on the lid dry then put the lid in the trash. Then take absorbent type kitty litter and fill a half can of paint to the top. If the can is more than half full then you will have to find some other container to put some of the paint into. It can't be more than half full or it won't dry properly. Believe me I have tried it!! Mix and let dry for a few days. It will become hard. Then throw it away in the trash.

Some towns say to put the hard paint when ready, next to the trash container some say toss it right in, so check with your local DPW.
But what about the oil paint?
It may depend on your town. I know in one town they will take oil based paints during their annual hazardous waste collection day, but not Latex paints.

So that indicates to me that they want oil paints if in liquid form, disposed of as hazardous waste, and latex goes into the regular trash stream.

Good luck!


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