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Can I paint aluminum siding?

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I want to change the color of my house but it is aluminum siding. Can it be painted even though it is kind of chalky?
Sure you can!! Itís also much less costly than re-siding too! Aluminum siding can be painted with a top quality 100% acrylic latex exterior paint. First you need to power wash, then scrub with a non metallic scouring pad, then wash again. If it is still chalky then there is an additive that can be put into the paint to make it stick to chalky surfaces. It will look like new when your done!!
How about the old asbestos shingle siding? It has a similar feel to the
aluminum- sort of chalky. I think my only option at this point is to
paint it, cause I can't take it off! Can I paint it? Can you suggest another

Yeah, if you are sure it is asbestos siding, you want to avoid removing it, or sanding it. It is the dust that is bad so anything you do to it that makes dust is not good.
On the other hand, painting is a GREAT way to change the look. Follow above instructions without the hard scrubbing. Does the siding have vertical grooves? You could use a kitchen scrungee or something like that. OR just give it a good power wash, use a broom to loosen any dirt and heavy chalk, and use the additive (my choice!!)
Yes, it has verticle grooves. This stuff is darn near impossible to drill into
or nail into, so siding over it probably wouldn't work.
I may try to paint it, but I have a lot of trim and woodwork outside that
I have to deal with first. The shingling itself doesn't look all that bad
considering it's age.

If it is that hard it prob. is asbestos shingles... So remember don't make dust!!!
Good luck!


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