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Leaky skylights...once again

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Dear Guru:

I have 4 Velux skylights installed in a roof with a relatively flat pitch - perhaps 10 degrees or so. They are 12 years old and the asphalt roof is 2 years old. Two of the lights are vented and two are not. I have been experiencing leaking at the base of 3 of the lights (2 of the unvented and one vented) - mainly the corners of the well - when it rains. I covered the lower third of the lights loosely with a tarp during the recent Northeast innundation and had no leaking, so I know that the water is not coming in from the upper roof or upper part of the lights. I have been considering removing the nearest shingles and installing ice and water barrier along the curb of the lights extending out under the shingles as you've suggested to another poster, since that was done to the fourth light that used to leak and now doesn't about a year ago. Since I'll have the shingles off anyway, is there anything else I should look for or do at the same time? I really don't have much confidence in my roofer so I'd rather tackle this myself if adviseable.

Thanks a million for your help,
Yep the rubber bitethane (spelling) or better known as ice and water barrier is the best thing to use. Remember to think like a rain drop when doing the work... Remember that water travels down hill and will go behind flashing that is installed wrong. The bottom piece needs to go on first, then the sides, then the top. Overlapping at least 10".

Do you have a curb installed because of the lower pitch? You should. That will raise the top edge of the skylight so the flashing works better. Go to the Velux web site ( http://www.veluxusa.com ) and look up your model or something as close as possible. See what the minimum roof pitch or angle can be without a curb kit.


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