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I'm removing some peel & stick floor tiles from my bathroom and am having a hard time of removing the sticky residue left on the flooring underneath....could someone give me any ideas please???

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Oh, I did this a couple years ago. What a pain in the butt! My hands were curled from pulling for days afterwards.

Let me see if I can find the solvent I used. It worked great, but I probably have brain damage from the fumes. Rolling Eyes I think it was by Jasco or something like that.


Yup, Jasco Sealant & Adhesive Remover, in an orange can.

This is anti-glue - strong stuff!
Here is some more info on the Jasco Sealant & Adhesive Remover:

*Old, hardened adhesives and mastics (asphalt, latex, contact cement and sealers) can be lifted faster and easier after removal of tile, wallpaper, carpet, Formica or linoleum
*Leaves a smooth surface to apply new floor or wall covering
*Semi-paste, water-rinsable, non-flammable, no neutralizing
*Harmless to wood, concrete, glass, ceramic tile, grout or metal
**Always read directions and cautions on the label before using
*Available in : Qts, Gls, 5-Gl.
I've had good results removing the left behind adhesive after removing peel and stick tiles with cooking oil. Baby oil would work too. It took the least amount of effort of everything I've tried.
I have never tried that method.... Sounds like the oil desolves some, works it's way under the glue and it gets so slippery it just can't stick....

What did you clean the oil off the floor with after you were done?

I'll have to give it a try sometime!! Thanks!
Really! how do you lay a a new floor with this oil on it???
Really! how do you lay a a new floor with this oil on it???


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