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frostfree sillcock

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I forgot to disconnect the hose on my exterior sillcock (which was off) before a recent freeze. I just unhooked the hose, tried the faucet and after tightening it, noticed a very slow drip out of it. Will this stop? If not, what repair is required?
Could just be some dirt on the seat inside. Try running the water full speed for a few seconds to see if you can flush it out. Depending on the type sillcock and it's age, it may need a new washer inside, but you will need to take it apart to get at it. When all else fails shut off the inside shut-off, THAT will stop the drip!
How do I take it apart to replace the washer? Are the parts, i.e. washers, universal or specific to each manufacturers unit?
I would need to know what type sillcock you have. If it is like the picture below, then remove the big nut under the handle and twist out the 'guts'. There should be a washer held on by a screw. They are generally universal but there are several different thicknesses and shapes.
Take this assembly to your local hardware store to match up the washer. Look inside the sillcock itself and see if there is any debris that might need to be carefully removed. Dont scratch the seat (where the washer would flatten against).


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