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Leaky Skylight.... the glass leaks

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Dearest Guru,

During heavy storms, water leaks in between the glass and the edge of my skylight. I confirmed this by using a hose. In the past, I've used a silicone sealant, but, I'm thinking that didn't do the trick. If it did, it was only for a short while. How would you suggest I combat this very annoying leak.

Thanks in advance for any help!

You need a new gasket. There is a rubber gasket between the glass and the frame of the sash. If it a venting skylight, then there is another gasket where the sash comes down over the frame.
If the sash is removable, and can come apart, then you could call the manufacturer to get a new gasket. Or you could even just order a new sash.
The new sash would come with the glass and be ready to install (I would go this way)
The problem with silicone is it breaks down with UV light and extreme weather conditions. You would need a higher quality sealent such as Tremco Dymonic. Here is the tech data website:


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