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How do I "set a screw" in horsehair" plaster?

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I am trying to hang wire shelving on a wall where there is horsehair plaster and no wood-slat backing... When I tried to use plastic ankers, there seamed to by a lot of "movement"...

Horse hair plaster is very fragile. If it is an old house (turn of the century) then there HAS to be lath behind the plaster. If it was built later like the 40's then there may be rock lath behind the plaster. There is no way to apply plaster in mid air so there has to be something there

If you use a plastic anchor, it will break loose around the plastic and fail. If you can use a toggle. carefully and slowly, drill out the correct size hole through the plaster and the wood lath or rock lath, and the wings on the back will swing out and grab either the wood lath or the rock lath (rock lath by the way is just like 2' x 8' x 3/8" drywall)


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