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Copper bays need cleaning

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I have 2 copper bays in need of cleaning. I did get some estimates and am still trying to recover from the shock. Is this something I could do myself?
First off I have no idea what a copper bay is but copper is copper. I have 2 different opinions about cleaning copper with some old and new ways other than using flitz or some other tube of toothpaste.

Polish with Bar Keepers Friend and fine steel wool. Use plenty of elbow grease. Keep the copper extra bright by washing well with soap and water after polishing.

Dip half a lemon in kosher salt and rub well. Then polish with a soft cloth and beeswax for a deep, lasting copper shine.

Table salt and vinegar remove oxidation from copper.

To clean a copper kettle or boiler, you need to remove soap scum and hard water deposits as well as oxidation. Although a lightly oxidized copper piece can be cleaned with salt and lemon or vinegar, steel wool or a buffing wheel are required for heavy-duty copper cleaning.

Once your piece has a good shine, spray with a brightening product to maintain the clean, bright finish. Dust occasionally and wipe down with a cold, damp cloth.

Make a paste using flour, salt, and vinegar. Brush it on, let it sit a while, then rinse it off. The acetic acid in the vinegar causes the tarnish to slowly dissolve. Stubborn coatings may require more than one application.

Another method of cleaning copper has been sucessfully used in at least one major museum. In a sealable glass container, mix one part caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) with three parts rochelle salt (sodium potassium tartrate). To this add 20 parts of distilled water and carefully stir until the chemicals are dissolved. Suspend the copper specimen in the solution with copper wire.

Happie polishing!
Would this work for outside? Copper bays are just bay windows with copper instead of shingles, they are fairly large. One is my kitchen window, the other is a bedroom window. Thanks!
OK now I know what you are talking about!
Copper outside will turn a nice dark green/brown color. there is no way to prevent this that I have found. You could coat it with a marine varnish after cleaning but then if it turns you would have to remove the varnish to clean it again. Other clear coatings would not have any UV protection and also have to be removed if cleaning is needed again.

Everything that is copper on the exterior around that I have seen has that nice patina.

I would ask a dealer that sells them, and if he doesn't know the answer have him get you the number of the manufacturer of the copper roof.
That was quick! Thanks again.
Just happen to be here while you were posting!


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