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Can I paint plastic?

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I have some hard plastic furniture tables that I would like to change the color of. What type of paint is there that can be used on plastic?

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Wow I just did this!

I used Krylon Fusion. It bonds directly to most plastics. No sanding, no priming. Krylon Fusion dries in about 15 minutes and will be fully chip resistant in 7 days. On the can is says that in addition to plastic, you can use Fusion on ceramic, plaster, glass, hard vinyl, metal, paper, papier mache, wicker, and wood.
I want to do this too. I have plastic piees on my metal chairs...cheap Wal-mart set, and we had to replace the table. So I want to paint the chairs black. I will look for this product.

Glad I checked in today Laughing
Just saw a commercial for Krylon Fusion. In the ad it said it bonds on a molecular level. No sanding or priming required for a smooth professional long lasting surface that won't flake off!

I'll have to go find where to buy it and try it out!


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