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Hiring a handy man to help with odd jobs around the house

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I hired a handyman to do a couple of quick odd jobs around the house, one of which was to fix some trim boards that had rotted.

He takes half a day to buy the wood at Home Depot, then when he finally gets around to installing the trim boards, he uses my garage to set up his table saw and proceeds to fill my garage with sawdust.

There is sawdust everywhere. In my cars (the windows are open in the garage), all over my tractor, in my tools, all over my shelving. My toolbox was open so all the tools are coated now with sawdust sticking to the oil on them...

Should the handyman company pay to have someone come out and clean it up, or do I have to pay someone to clean it up, or do it myself?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
Good question! I've had a similar incident occur. Perhaps TheGuru can offer his opinion?
Maybe you should have moved your car? Was it cold outside or rainy? How did he set up all that equipment with the cars in there? You must have a real big garage.
I use the clients garage all the time. I have dust collection on my saws that catch a major portion of the sawdust.

If it is a nice sunny day, I might set up outside, or if it just a small project, but not usually. It takes too long to set up and then move the machinery back inside at the end of the day, and then move it again in the morning. If the garage is not available I'll set up inside the house near where I'm doing the work.

I know a stair builder who will not take on a job if he can't have his saw and stuff within 5 feet of his work area.

I'm sure the handyman would have blown the sawdust out with his compressor and an air gun, or even a leaf blower, if you asked.


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