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Digging a hole

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I am having a problem digging a hole with a post hole digger.

It needs to be 40" or so deep and 20" square.

The ground must be of hauled in fill with a crushed gravel, small aggregate type of consistency.

Wondering if there is a rental store near by that rents something that would do the job.
Use (what I call) big Moe.

Its a long rod made of about 1" solid steel with one end flattened out to about 3" wide and sharpened, and a flared top end like a flat doorknob for tamping the dirt after. They sell it at Home Depot in the garden department where the shovels are for about $30.00. It is heavy so it breaks up the ground real good. You could maybe rent one or even an electric one but it will cost more than buying one.

By the way, Home depot does have a rental area in the front of the store.


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