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hold down anti kick back

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I'm looking for some thing like this wheel thing to replace using a Feather Board.


Do you know of anything and if it can be purchased in a store.

I'm not interested in the Sears thing.

Thanks for any help
Did you try woodcraft? They have it. They have stores all across the US Or you could wait for your local woodworkers show. It should be coming sometime soon.

here are the board buddies at the woodcraft website:
By the way... I have used those board buddies and don't really care for them. They are too cumbersome and get in the way. You can't use a push stick to push the board through the table saw, and they are hard to adjust. If you need to put the fence on the other side of the blade for some reason, you can't use them at all. Because the wheels only spin in one direction.

I, as a professional woodworker would recommend the Grip-Tite Magnetic Featherboard. It will stick to your cast iron table saw and it comes with a steel fence that you can attach to your own fence so they will stick as a hold down too. There is a little wheel to hold the board to the fence and it is slightly askew so it keeps things tight where they are supposed to. The magnet on the bottom is so strong there is a built in lever to be able to remove it from the table. You can check them out here:


or go to your local woodworker supply store like Woodcraft.
Don't bring a strong magnet like that anywhere near your computer. Shocked
Why, what would happen? Rolling Eyes
You'll have to reinstall all of your video drivers

and get a new monitor

and a new copy of Windows
I think it would be easier to just get a new computer...


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