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What is a crosscut or a cross cut and what is a rip cut?

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What is a cross cut and what is a rip ?

I've seen threads in here about what blades to use for these different types of cuts, but I'm not sure that I understand what each of them is.

Does this make a different to hand held tools or just to table saws?

Thank you, Guru.
Well wood has grain. The grain in the tree runs verticlly. When the mill cuts up the logs into boards, the grain runs the length of the board. If you were to cut this board the long way, with the grain, this would be a rip cut. If you cut the board in half across the middle and made 2 shorter boards this would be a cross cut.

All the blades discussed earlier relate to all cutting tools, table saws, radial arm saws, power miter boxes, portable circular saws, even hand saws. I haven't yet gone into different tooth materials, but the tooth design is about the same for most tools. Big teeth with few per inch, for ripping boards and many teeth for fine smooth cross cutting. If you try to cross cut with a rip blade, it will cut it OK but it will be a real rough cut with many splinters. It will kinda look like you chewed it off!


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