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Where can I buy Snap-On Tools?

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I've seen those trucks that go around to garages and auto dealerships, and I know that Snap-On is supposed to be a really great brand, but I have no idea if I can get them for my own personal use.

I was wondering, do they have stores that sell their tools? Do they have a website? Can I but direct from their company, or are they all sold through dealers? Can I become a dealer to buy my own tools from them, or is that just stupid?
You buy Snap-On tools from your local dealer, who will come to you with his (or her!) truck. You can buy at full retail price from their website, but if you're going to do that, you can make a dealer very happy to come and visit you.

You might even be able to get a little discount. Maybe.

Some dealers even advertise on the internet and offer steep steep discounts. I've seen 60%. But you don't get the weekly visit from the really knowledgable Snapon Dealer, who will help you set up a plan to acquire all the tools you need for your job, now and in the future.

PS That's not a Snap-On Wrench in my hand! LOL
Just flag down a Snap On truck! They will be glad to sell you anything they have with them. Don't expect any discounts though. Full retail unless you work / own a garage or some other business that might need their tools. Like a ratcheting screwdriver for example is about $45.00

PS I think that might be a snap on wrench I'm holding!! lol


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