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What circuit breakers should I get with SquareD - Square D?

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I am going to install my own new Electrical Main and I have heard that Square D makes the best stuff for a house.

I have heard that plug-in or plug-on QO Circuit Breakers are the right choice.
They go into the QO load centers, NQOD panelboards or Speed-D switchboard distribution panels, but I can use bolt-on circuit breakers in NQOD panelboards.

I have so many choices, it's a little confusing.
And where will I buy Square D products? Will I be able to get replacement circuit breakers for SquareD?

Do you have an opinion or a review of any of their products?

Thanks Guru
-great site by the way
I'm sure TheGuru or someone with extensive Electrical experience will jump in here, but I'll just say that SquareD make a great, but expensive product line.

If you go with Square-D, you'll probably never have any problems with your electrical service, but then again in all the years I've owned a house with circuit breakers... I've had exactly 1 fail. I spent $12 and bought another and plugged it in.
Mr Guest,

First are you qualified to replace your own main circuit panel? Don't forget you HAVE to pull a permit to do that. You may or may not (depending on what state you live in) be able to do that.

Home Depot or any electrical supply house will be able to supply you with all the necessary parts and supplies for the panel as well as the mast, meter box and wire for outside. If you are upgrading the Amperage all this will have to be upgraded also.

I have a 200 amp, 40 breaker, Square D panel in my own house, with zero problems at all (other than needing more than 40 breakers!)

Be careful where you purchase the supplies. I went to the Home Depot to get the meter box and found out that CT has different rules than MA and the meter socket was different. 1 less wire connection. So do the research first!


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