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Need to replace my instant hot water heater

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I need to replace my instant hot water heater. It's an old insinkerator or is it "in sink erator" or "in sinkerator".

A few years ago, my plumber disconnected my instant hot water heater because the connection was leaking. The original connection was opne of those self-tapping connections. I think they call it a saddle connection or a saddle tap.

Anyway, he put some sort of connection with a valve with a half-moon type of handle on it. The handle is round, and it curves over and down like the top of a mushroom. I don't know what kind of connection is on the valve... any idea?

Oh wait, I just checked and it's an "Emerson". Maybe my garbage disposal is an insinkerator.
Sounds like it's the same type as on the faucet shut off valves under the sink. You could use a stainless steel braided supply hose with screw on ends. This would be the easiest type of connection. So when you purchase a new Instant hot water fixture, see what type connection it uses then get that to a 3/8 (probably).

Measure the length you will need before you go to the store as they come from about 12" to 48" long


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