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Where can I get plans for building a house?

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I want to be my own general contractor. I have lots of experience in doing jobs around the house, and I have even built an addition from plans that were drawn up by the previous owner.

But now I want to build a whole house. I need a set of plans. How can I get a set of plans? Is this something than any architect will have available, or are they going to want to develop them from scratch for a million dollars?

I have seen a few ads for house plans on the internet... are they any good? What will I do if I want to alter them a little bit? Can I take them to any architect? Will they supply plans in some electronic format, or will my architect have to re-enter them all by hand? Is there a standard AutoCad program that all architects use, or can one program read the other's files?

Thanks for any tips and recommendations you can give to an old guy who just wants to build his retirement dream house.
There are LOTS of plan books out there. They offer a small picture of the floor plan and an elevation of the front of the house. Then you call or write them for the complete set. You will need more than one set too. Usually 2 for the town, one for the electrician, one for the plumber, one for you, one for the jobsite, and others for any other subs that would need one for pricing.

Some of those companies offer alterations for a fee to the plans in their book. OR any architect could alter them for you. The local architect has plans they have done before or from their own sources that they would alter to your specifications and needs.

A good architect will just scan your set into his AutoCAD program if he needed to do alterations.

Expect to pay several thousand dollars to do a set from scratch. It is much more cost effective to just alter a set that someone else has paid for previously!


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