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What should I use to patch dents in the wall

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I stripped the wall paper in my living room, and now there are lots of dents, dings, scratches on the walls. Should I use joint compound, plaster, caulking, or spackle?
It always seems that there was wallpaper there for a reason. Walls that are in less than perfect shape.
First I would NOT use caulk. It shrinks and doesn't take paint as well. If there is a crack in the corner of the room or where the wall and ceiling meet, then use a paint grade caulk there. You can get most of these in any hardware, Home Depot, or Lowes store.

To patch up the rest of the damages use:

MH Ready Patch Spackling Paste ** my favorite **
Custom Exterior Spackling Paste
Custom Interior Spackling Paste
DAP Crack Shot High Performance Spackling Paste
DAP Fast N Final Spackling Paste
DAP Spackle With Drydex
Red Devil ONETIME Spackling
UGL 222 Spackle Paste

These will fill and shrink a lot less than joint compound. You may even get away with one coat in most cases. With joint compound, you will need to fill most dents and dings 2 or 3 times due to shrinkage. Most of the products listed above will require very little or no sanding. Joint compound will have to be sanded before painting.

Don't forget to prime the whole wall before painting!!


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